Meaning of homesickness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəʊmˌsɪknəs/

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mass noun
  • A feeling of longing for one's home during a period of absence from it.

    ‘I lived four years in London without a single pang of homesickness’
    • ‘Everyone should come down here for a summer holiday to help me ease the homesickness.’
    • ‘She helped many newly-arrived women overcome their homesickness and the difficulties of a new life in a strange land.’
    • ‘Though there are campers who never overcome homesickness at a residential camp, the vast majority of campers do.’
    • ‘I will feel a pang of homesickness when I think of them all around the dinner table together.’
    • ‘She continued to feel pangs of homesickness for California.’
    • ‘When you return to the street, you'll look around and feel a twinge of homesickness.’
    • ‘He felt a wave of homesickness for the dark quiet of the jungle.’
    • ‘She was suddenly assailed by a stomach churning feeling of homesickness, a longing for something familiar.’
    • ‘It is natural to experience feelings of homesickness, awkwardness, or sadness in a new place.’
    • ‘They suffered from homesickness and longed to return to their native country.’