Meaning of homestyle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəʊmstʌɪl/


North American
  • (especially of food) such as would be made or provided at home; simple and unpretentious.

    ‘If you want to keep it simple, the standard two eggs and bacon, with homestyle potatoes, fruit, stewed apples, bread and coffee costs around five bucks.’
    • ‘Central and South American restaurants abound, catering to a growing community that expects nothing short of authentic homestyle food at modest prices.’
    • ‘You could dine at the Old Shanghai Restaurant, known for its authentic looking decorations and the homestyle food that once prevailed in the narrow Shanghai alleys.’
    • ‘The deluxe assortment brings a couple of irresistible, homestyle grape leaves stuffed with rice.’
    • ‘Italian food lovers can enjoy homestyle Italian cuisine, such as ravioli, deep-fried prawns, ox-tails with red wine sauce just to name a few.’
    • ‘It is definitely homestyle, comfort-food-type eating, not the cutting-edge stuff, but I like it a lot.’
    • ‘He does profound, unpretentious Italian homestyle cooking.’
    • ‘It trades itself on its simple, frills-free homestyle cooking - and it seems to be working.’
    • ‘While Stanley's Burgers and Marbles Restaurant have dramatically different facades, inside they share the secrets to a great burger: pure beef, freshly cooked, served on homestyle buns.’
    • ‘Nevertheless it has attracted a faithful following of customers due to the very reasonable prices, fresh ingredients and mostly excellent homestyle cooking.’
    • ‘The showers are an experience and it's best not to expect any homestyle comforts!’
    • ‘I'm used to good old-fashioned homestyle Spanish cooking.’
    • ‘Mei achieves an unusual balance between the over-sweetened Westernized cuisine we know and love, and the earthy, pungent flavours of homestyle Chinese cookery - a comfortable place between artsy and authentic.’
    • ‘Each breakfast comes with a small container of a homestyle jam that is deliciously addictive.’
    • ‘Although the food may not be as exquisite as that of larger restaurants, the homestyle flavour is certainly delicious.’
    • ‘The resort includes a string of cabins, a bed-and-breakfast, and a restaurant, where Clark still holds court with her homestyle cooking.’
    • ‘When he passed away, his landlord, Lee Ping-tung, took over the establishment, and continues to offer the traditional homestyle Sha'anxi dishes.’
    • ‘To accompany the wonderful soups, the restaurant also prepares some homestyle Korean dishes, plus some Shanghai and Hangzhou cuisine.’
    • ‘This homestyle restaurant is the sort of place where you would want to relax with a date or group of friends.’
    • ‘Kasumi Sushi Bar at the Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel stands out among other hotel Japanese restaurants for its simpler set meals served in a compact, cozy homestyle ambiance.’
    plain, unadorned, undecorated, unembellished, unornamented, without ornament, without ornamentation, unelaborate, unpretentious, unostentatious, unfussy, no-nonsense, basic, modest, unsophisticated, penny plain, without frills, honest, homely, homespun, everyday, workaday