Meaning of hominy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɒmɪni/

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mass nounUS
  • Coarsely ground corn (maize) used to make grits.

    as modifier ‘hominy grits’
    • ‘In this case what is being coarsely ground is hominy.’
    • ‘I was up at 5:00 or 5:30 going out to the smokehouse for ham, cooking hominy grits, and making biscuits.’
    • ‘We're not sure if Martin had anything to do with it, but we did find traces of hominy grits mixed in with the samples.’
    • ‘Oddly, his brother invites him to stay at the farm, but we can tell that he's there for more than hominy grits and southern fried chicken.’
    • ‘We buy the grain, mostly shell corn and hominy - a high-energy, high-starch ration.’
    • ‘It may be mixed with hominy, corn, or rice.’
    • ‘As we dined, Kavena lamented that making hominy from dried corn, a method she includes in her book, is one of many traditional processes and secrets being lost to progress and packaged foods.’
    • ‘This dish combines hominy corn with beans and spices.’
    • ‘Some varieties of corn were processed into hominy by boiling the kernels in a weak lye solution of hardwood ashes and water.’
    • ‘He often prepared dishes that he and Becky had discovered in their nomadic hippie days in Mexico, and I still get weak-kneed just thinking of his roasted Coca-Cola chicken with hominy and his boiled yucca with olive oil and sea salt.’
    • ‘Someone raised in New York would be much more likely to agree that catfish and hominy are Southern foods.’
    • ‘Made with beef tripe and hominy, this Mexican soup is often flavored with garlic, onions, and dried chilies.’
    • ‘It combines Hispanic influences, from the Mexican soup menudo, made with tripe, hominy, and chili powder, with Italian elements, adding cheese and garlic to the soup.’
    • ‘Two yearly crops of early corn were eaten as they ripened, and a harvest of late corn was dried and stored for winter use as hominy.’
    • ‘Add chicken stock, tomato salsa, and hominy, and simmer for 15 minutes.’
    • ‘The entrées were boiled pork and beef, roast beef, mutton chops, and goose, while side dishes included hominy, cabbage, potatoes, and fried tripe.’
    • ‘Puchero, a meat stew, is made of boiled hominy and chopped parsley, pepper, squash, carrots or tomatoes.’
    • ‘And most of the time I really was grateful I wasn't one of those starving children in Africa Mother told me about whenever I left a pile of hominy on my plate.’
    • ‘Guests will be able to try traditional foods from these regions, including such rare dishes as damson cheese and hominy.’
    • ‘It's a stew of hominy, beans, and whatever meat or vegetables may be available.’


Shortened from Virginia Algonquian uskatahomen.