Meaning of homologate in English:



[with object]
  • 1Approve (a car, engine, etc.) for sale in a particular market or use in a particular class of racing.

    ‘Significantly, it is the first Irish rally to feature over one hundred homologated cars on its entry list, including over thirty versions of the Subaru Impreza alone.’
    • ‘Both PG Andersson and Guy Wilks drove for one day each during the test, which was aimed at refining the specification of the Swift and ensuring complete reliability before the car is homologated next month.’
    • ‘We can homologate the complete car - take it from just after the design phase to production, even bringing the cars into the dealership network.’
    • ‘Today, Ford Racing and the Grand American Road Racing Series announce that Ford Racing's 2005 Mustang GT race car has been homologated to compete in the GS Class of Grand-Am Cup.’
    • ‘It will appeal to a wide market segment and be easily homologated for global production and distribution.’
    • ‘It is true that we have homologated two gearboxes, a four-speed box and a five-speed unit.’
    • ‘The Ford Focus RS WRC 03 will undergo the necessary parts inspections by the FIA later this week and is due to be officially homologated as a World Rally Car on April 1.’
    • ‘Originally run in what at the time was called the GT1 class, the Panoz has been upgraded and homologated and will compete at Sebring and Le Mans in the LMP1 class, racing against such cars as the Audi R8 and Lola-MG.’
    • ‘Cars homologated under subsequent specifications will also remain eligible in their configurations.’
    • ‘The track version is beefed up, with homologated roll bars, twin master cylinders for the brakes, and more chassis bracing.’
    • ‘Instead he used the time to thoroughly test his newly homologated Team Kronos Citroën C2 Super 1600.’
  • 2 formal Express agreement with or approval of.

    ‘one body of patrons elected the teacher, the others afterwards homologating the appointment’
    • ‘The Quebec Superior Court homologated the decision of the arbitrator.’
    • ‘He decided that he needed to stay around and earn money, especially after he and Pete had to pay a total of $700 to the National Aeronautic Association and other bodies to homologate their joint world record.’
    • ‘To get this permit, you need to be authorised to exercise such an activity in France (i.e. have the corresponding and homologated professional qualifications).’



/hɒˈmɒləɡeɪt/ /həˈmɒləɡeɪt/


Late 16th century from medieval Latin homologat- ‘agreed’, from the verb homologare, from Greek homologein ‘confess’.