Meaning of hongi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɒŋi/


New Zealand
  • A traditional Maori greeting in which people press their noses together.

    ‘The Maoris have a traditional greeting, called hongi, in which they touch faces so that their noses are pressed together.’
    • ‘In the marae, the hongi (touching of noses) is the accepted greeting.’
    • ‘Many Maori still practise hongi (rubbing noses) in greeting, particularly in formal/traditional settings.’
    • ‘I have a fabulous image of a hongi in an advert for the Maori TV channel.’
    • ‘Ironically it is during the hongi that I begin to feel the deep differences between them.’
    • ‘Let us talk about the brave Opposition leaders who wander up to Maniapoto country, go inside for a hongi, but then walk outside and try to talk tough.’
    • ‘The tourist chiefs performed the hongi - the pressing of the noses.’