Meaning of honour system in English:

honour system

Pronunciation /ˈɒnə sɪstəm/


  • A system of payment or examinations which relies solely on the honesty of those concerned.

    ‘most hotel minibars have worked on an honour system’
    • ‘The fact is that Medicare was basically an honor system that didn't work because the rules were dishonored by too many dishonorable people.’
    • ‘Our honor system routinely rewards cheaters and punishes honesty.’
    • ‘While privileges can be suspended if this policy is violated, the system operates mostly under the honor system.’
    • ‘The honour system has worked well - it raises around $30,000 a year.’
    • ‘Working on the honor system, users who post ads agree to donate anything from 1% to 100% of the sale to the Falmouth Education Foundation.’
    • ‘‘Because it's an honor system, fraud certainly exists,’ he said.’
    • ‘Guests dine and rub shoulders with working coffee farmers and, in an affirming testament to the honor system, are asked to log their own charges on a communal notepad.’
    • ‘There might come a day when the honor system is a strong enough code to let people like Juliana offer her songs on the web without the force of law or the sting of theft.’
    • ‘And then even here the rule is enforced by what might best be termed the honor system.’
    • ‘How many people do you trust indefinitely, in a world with no police, no laws, no jails, virtual doomsday devices everywhere, in an honour system based on etiquette?’
    • ‘The honour system proved sufficient among honorable people.’
    • ‘The patient is asked to start bringing $1 to $2 per paycheck to the pharmacy on an honor system until the cost of the medicine has been repaid.’
    • ‘‘We intend to go on the honor system,’ said Principal Calvin Johnson.’
    • ‘Their vegetable stand operates on the honor system.’
    • ‘There's only one catch: all this is on the honor system.’
    • ‘And then you pay them a cut of your winnings, apparently on the honor system.’
    • ‘During club matches or practice play, decisions are left up to the honor system.’
    • ‘Tickets are not collected; this is an honor system similar to that found on many light rail routes.’
    • ‘So we designed a computerised timesheet honour system that gives employees full control over their own time.’
    • ‘Naturally trustful people must never be given a good reason to become cynical, for cynicism is the enemy of every honor system.’