Meaning of hooliganism in English:


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mass noun
  • Violent or rowdy behaviour by young troublemakers, typically in a gang.

    ‘the problems of football hooliganism’
    ‘an act of mindless hooliganism’
    • ‘Furious residents called for tougher police measures in a desperate bid to combat hooliganism.’
    • ‘The government has recently introduced a law to combat hooliganism.’
    • ‘The arrest was made as part of a police operation to curb football hooliganism.’
    • ‘The former vice chancellor was honoured for his contribution in curbing the hooliganism on the campus.’
    • ‘There was much talk about Scottish police requiring more powers to tackle hooliganism.’
    • ‘Italy's sports minister has demanded that clubs take immediate steps to tackle hooliganism.’
    • ‘When he recorded a short speech condemning hooliganism, it was broadcast simultaneously on three national TV networks like a prime ministerial address.’
    • ‘Social workers, literary figures and leaders have condemned the hooliganism of the workers and demanded stern action.’
    • ‘This kind of mindless hooliganism serves no purpose whatever.’
    • ‘Two years ago, he admitted the police had been caught out by a spate of petty hooliganism, but this year he said police leave had been cancelled and extra officers would be on duty until Bonfire Night and beyond.’