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  • A salmon-pink Eurasian bird with a long downcurved bill, a large erectile crest, and black-and-white wings and tail.

    Upupa epops, the only member of the family Upupidae

    ‘Seemingly invisible on our horses we rode amongst azure-winged magpies, great bustard, hoopoes and a hundred other species of birds.’
    • ‘Black and white bands cross the hoopoe's wings, back and tail.’
    • ‘There were birds everywhere, of all types - hoopoes, wagtails, tits, finches, and sparrows and swallows nesting in the beams of the house; there were cuckoos singing by day and nightjars by night.’
    • ‘As the Nile at that time was rising, there were many hoopoes and ibises in the nets, more than could be counted.’
    • ‘Orange headed thrush, Indian Pitta and resident birds such as oriole, spotted owlet and hoopoe can be sighted on this campus.’



/ˈhuːpuː/ /ˈhuːpəʊ/


Mid 17th century alteration of obsolete hoop, from Old French huppe, from Latin upupa, imitative of the bird's call.