Meaning of hooroo in English:


Pronunciation /huːˈruː/


informal Australian
  • Goodbye.

    • ‘hooroo and see you next week’
    • ‘His glossary includes ‘fair dinkum’ and ‘stonkered’, though not, surprisingly, ‘hooroo’ or ‘rumpty’.’
    • ‘Until next time, ‘hooroo’ from ‘vegemiterules’ xoxo’
    • ‘So here comes September, and I've packed up my bucket bong and my collection of clocks and said hooroo to Australia, the land where nobody likes a bogan.’
    • ‘He poured forth a perfect uproar of liquid melody, punctuated with such hurroos and whoops of delight that he made me wonder if his lady love would like such college-song methods of serenading.’
    • ‘After the match is over and hooroos said, my father and mother stroll arm-in-arm up to sweltering Sandringham railway station, where we wait an eternity for a Flinders Street rocket.’
    • ‘Finally, after all necessary safety checks were completed, we said our farewells, good lucks, safe travels, hooroos and the plane took off steadily climbing towards Broken Hill some 200 kilometres away.’