Meaning of hoosegow in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhuːsɡaʊ/

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informal North American
  • A prison.

    • ‘After lunch, visitors stroll through downtown, most paying particular attention to the old Jail Tree: Lacking a proper hoosegow, the town chained bandits to its enormous trunk.’
    • ‘This, along with a $10 million deal cut with Papua New Guinea and a hoosegow built on Christmas Island, came to be known as the Pacific Solution and was the act that finally aroused some Australians to protest their government's policies.’
    • ‘Selena, mother of two junior high schoolers, has drawn the line against television, and it's landed both her kids in the hoosegow.’
    • ‘The Dreadnoks want to spring Torch from the hoosegow, but Cobra commander tells them in no uncertain terms that the Firebat takes priority.’
    • ‘Approximately 3 months ago, Mark suffered his first ever arrest, and he has shed 30 lb whilst in the hoosegow.’
    • ‘Step out of line and you'll land in the hoosegow or, even worse, enrolled in a Federally Mandated recovery program.’
    • ‘Jackson and his men were here to bust Shorty out of the hoosegow.’
    • ‘They talked about old friends, old enemies, who's alive, who's dead, and who's in the hoosegow.’
    • ‘Houseboat doesn't go to the hoosegow, but it does remain on probation for trying to pull the wool over the court's eyes.’
    • ‘Both Shorty and One-Eyed Jack still had plenty of friends who could bust them out of the hoosegow.’
    • ‘While in the hoosegow, he earned a college degree and decided that he always wanted to be a writer.’
    • ‘I'm going to make believe I am acting before an audience and forget that I am doing 10 days in the hoosegow.’
    • ‘Both Alcatraz Island and The Last Gangster told the story of a racketeer sent to the Rock on tax evasion charges (as was Capone) who learns the hard way that this isn't any old hoosegow.’
    • ‘Just before midnight he was arrested by two police officers, described to me as ‘verbally aggressive’ and carted off to the hoosegow, aka Bradford Central Police Station.’
    • ‘But I'm not ashamed to say I'm looking forward to her stretch in the hoosegow - I think it's going to lead to many a good thing.’
    • ‘The background to this story is, apparently, that a number of members of the Mahdi Army were arrested on Sunday and tossed in the hoosegow.’
    • ‘She should be thrown in the hoosegow and made to swallow the key.’
    • ‘The Twentymans are a trio of hardcore armed robbers with a dozen bank jobs to their credit, currently serving time in a friendly medium-security hoosegow for their latest misdeed.’
    • ‘With some cells open, my brethren and I are allowed freedom to wander inside the confines of this red-walled hoosegow.’


Early 20th century via Latin American Spanish from Spanish juzgado ‘tribunal’, from Latin judicatum ‘something judged’, neuter past participle of judicare.