Meaning of hop bine in English:

hop bine


(also hop bind)
  • The climbing stem of the hop.

    ‘And as the guide entry says: ‘Note the hop bine in the car park.’’
    • ‘There are usually hop bines sold off the back of a tractor trailer at the Station end of Faversham.’
    • ‘Keeping hop poles erect and able to carry the weight of fully developed hop bines is no easy task.’
    • ‘With later systems of stringing the bin-man would pull down the hop bine with the bin-man's hook.’
    • ‘This is my first year growing hop bines and I have run into something that is a little baffling.’
    • ‘The hop bines are harvested once a year and are selected and cut by hand by the Butler family.’
    • ‘The still conditions in late May ensured that the hop bines swiftly climbed the strings.’
    • ‘This was cosy Kent in every respect, with hop binds hanging from oak beams above.’
    • ‘Caroline then counteracted falling demand for hops for brewing in the late 80's by developing the sale of hop bines for decoration.’
    • ‘Traditional hop bines can be provided in season, which runs from August to Christmas.’
    • ‘If you were chastised it was no use turning to mother as she was likely to give you a whack with a hop bine for your trouble.’
    • ‘When the hop bines run out of material to climb horizontal shoots grow from between the leaves of the main stem and the stem.’
    • ‘Mechanical harvesters are also sometimes used to strip the cones or flowers from the hop bines.’
    • ‘In Herefordshire they were used regularly in the hopfield, especially when the hop binds had grown, and working between the rows was a hot and sticky job.’
    • ‘The hop bine climbs up the string by growing towards the sun.’
    • ‘I have one hop bine that does very well and one that doesn't.’
    • ‘The hop bine can grow to a height of 20-24 feet.’