Meaning of hopping mouse in English:

hopping mouse


  • An Australian mouse with elongated hindlimbs and feet for jumping.

    Genus Notomys, family Muridae: several species

    ‘Small venomless snakes, lizards, birds, and small animals like hopping mice and rabbits, were abundant in the undergrowth.’
    • ‘She described four types of social organisation, with the hopping mouse at one end of the spectrum.’
    • ‘Spinifex hopping mice live in small social groups with several individuals often sharing a burrow system.’
    • ‘The long-tailed hopping mouse was one of the largest and most elegant of Australia's native hopping rodents.’
    • ‘A native hopping mouse not seen in New South Wales since the mid 1800s has been found north of Broken Hill in the far west of the State.’