Meaning of hormone treatment in English:

hormone treatment

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mass noun
  • The use of hormones in medical treatment.

    ‘she underwent hormone treatment to increase her production of eggs’
    • ‘pregnant women were given hormone treatments to prevent miscarriage’
    • ‘Embryo transfer to the surrogate host was either in a natural menstrual cycle or in a cycle controlled with exogenous hormone treatment.’
    • ‘In a few normal children who are very short or very late entering puberty, hormone treatment may be helpful.’
    • ‘Surgery may be followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or hormone treatment.’
    • ‘I would not personally recommend utilizing hormone treatment to increase body hair.’
    • ‘The drug has already proved the most effective hormone treatment for patients who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer.’
    • ‘I understand he will need hormone treatment for the rest of his life.’
    • ‘For menstrual migraine, hormone treatment with oestrogen may help.’
    • ‘With the help of hormone treatment, the woman can carry a developing fetus to term.’
    • ‘The hormone treatments require delaying the start of cancer therapy, which may not be an option for every patient.’
    • ‘Hormone treatments aim to stop ovulation.’