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  • (of glasses) having rims made of horn or a similar substance.

    ‘he wore horn-rimmed glasses’
    • ‘He knows he's a standout, especially as he hugs a purple bag and peers from behind red horn-rimmed glasses to greet a friend.’
    • ‘Certainly, it appeared that she had conceded defeat to the new generation of upstarts when she launched herself as a children's author last year, all horn-rimmed glasses and demure frock.’
    • ‘They were young men with horn-rimmed glasses and bow ties and even younger women with long braids, some serious and others smiling, but all appearing woefully unprepared for life on China's harsh northwestern frontier.’
    • ‘He is elderly and balding, with horn-rimmed glasses and tobacco-stained teeth, wearing a neat blue pullover, clean white shirt and sandals.’
    • ‘But this Army brat doesn't wear a long white lab coat or thick horn-rimmed glasses.’
    • ‘He was tall and skinny and wore horn-rimmed glasses.’
    • ‘When they entered the courtyard, several stableboys rushed forward to take their mounts, and a tall, thin man with horn-rimmed glasses and a heavy fur coat ushered them into the castle.’
    • ‘A lanky 33-year-old with thick blond sideburns, a pageboy haircut, and oval, horn-rimmed glasses, he has an easygoing style and an enthusiasm for challenging conversation.’
    • ‘Karen Webb, the ebullient server whose signature broad, white smile and horn-rimmed glasses have greeted restaurant patrons for several years, was delighted that diners recognized her from the catalog cover.’
    • ‘I looked over and I thought, OK, shall I sit next to this girl over here, who had black hair and black horn-rimmed glasses, or with these guys over on the other side?’
    • ‘Playing the part of George, and hiding behind black horn-rimmed glasses, was Bob Hoskins, in his first regular TV role after two years of occasional parts as a criminal in cop series like Softly Softly.’
    • ‘I remember how excited I was, nearly trembling, when we went to the gun shop run by the short man with black, horn-rimmed glasses and a noticeable limp to pick out my first handgun.’
    • ‘Whether we like it or not, computers are part of modern life. Learning about them is no longer the bailiwick of geeks with horn-rimmed glasses and pocket pen holders.’
    • ‘His horn-rimmed glasses constantly slid down his nose.’
    • ‘Fred had red hair and wore black horn-rimmed glasses.’
    • ‘He was wearing horn-rimmed glasses and had a mustache.’
    • ‘Mid fifties, chubby, buck teeth, grey hair and horn-rimmed glasses, Randall looked vaguely like that old British comedian Benny Hill.’
    • ‘Marcy's horn-rimmed glasses began to fog up from her breath.’
    • ‘They weren't those thick horn-rimmed glasses, thank God, but they were big oval-shaped wire-rims.’
    • ‘As we sat at the bar, she spotted a group of guys, and one in particular, the clean cut one wearing horn-rimmed glasses, caught her fancy.’