Meaning of hornbag in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːnbaɡ/


informal mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • A sexually attractive person.

    • ‘she's a style icon and a complete hornbag’
    • ‘Anybody who remembers that film clip will remember that she was a hornbag back in the day.’
    • ‘Her alter ego still considers herself a style icon and a hornbag.’
    • ‘She is a first-rank hornbag who can't act, despite what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would have you believe.’
    • ‘Her daughter is a pouting princess who believes she is a hornbag in anyone's language.’
    • ‘Shouldn't this hornbag be the next James Bond?’
    • ‘There are plenty of hornbags hereabouts.’
    • ‘Australian audiences may be deprived of the suburban hornbags, whose success overseas nonetheless continues.’