Meaning of horniness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːnɪnəs/


See horny

‘I find all of these repugnant in every way, but when horniness strikes, and time constraints require a quick release, a brief moment perusing these thoughts will bring me off almost immediately.’
  • ‘And since I've been told bringing a vibrator to class is distracting, it's necessary to share my excessive horniness with the campus in other ways.’
  • ‘Yes, that occasion heralds the surging horniness of spring but it also represents, for pagans and Christians everywhere, a potent symbol of rebirth.’
  • ‘You'd be very hard-pressed to think of an actor who could have played the sex interest with the same tenderness and compassion and sheer horniness.’
  • ‘Why did my body have to plague me with this perpetual horniness?’