Meaning of hornlike in English:



See horn

‘This touch-sensitive work consists of a series of horn-like spikes protruding from two circular discs that are hung on a wall like a painting.’
  • ‘Gilmour has inherited Wes Montgomery's style of playing horn-like lines on the guitar.’
  • ‘How cassowaries produce their deep ‘boom’ is unclear, though Mack and his team speculate that cassowary communication is linked to the tall casques, or horn-like crests, that rise from the bird's head.’
  • ‘Its timbre is horn-like, but it has a restricted range - as few as five notes - and its notes aren't even of equal quality, so composers need to dance around its limitations with deftness.’
  • ‘These included horn-like ear trumpets, which were made from wood, various metals, or even adapted conch shells, whose effectiveness in transmitting sound depended on their length and shape.’