Meaning of horribly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɒrɪbli/

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  • 1In a way that causes horror; shockingly.

    ‘people are suffering horribly in the aftermath of the cyclone’
    • ‘For the first time since World War II, we have been affected tragically and horribly.’
    • ‘To those of us who live here, it's not news that the city is horribly polluted.’
    • ‘In a sign that the once horribly polluted river is clean, wild salmon have returned.’
    • ‘The scene climaxes with the space travelers' violent encounter with the planet's horribly mutated inhabitants.’
    • ‘Many ordinary children suffer horribly during vicious civil wars.’
    • ‘Without a strong plot or convincing characters to give it any depth, the film turns into an exercise in waiting for people to die horribly for your entertainment.’
    • ‘His mouth extended almost from ear to ear, grinning horribly and showing all his teeth.’
    • ‘The entire site was horribly damaged and required near-total restoration.’
    • ‘In the middle of the night, a horribly diseased man comes to the cabin.’
    1. 1.1 informal In a very bad way; terribly.
      • ‘his latest work flopped horribly’
      • ‘something went horribly wrong’
      • ‘The organization's plans go horribly awry.’
      • ‘When he unveils his new, something goes horribly wrong.’
      • ‘The fuzzy-haired keyboard player switches to bass, the erstwhile bassist to second guitar, and it all goes horribly pear-shaped.’
      • ‘You fall on some passenger and you get all tangled up, and it's horribly embarrassing.’
      • ‘We need a transition to leave behind horribly inefficient and contaminating systems and change to new systems that respect the environment more.’
      • ‘This set of games is horribly addictive.’
      • ‘The bodice fit her tightly, and the short, puffy sleeves were horribly outdated and out of style.’
      • ‘A neat but obvious final twist makes amends for a horribly clichéd finale set on a rickety balcony.’
      • ‘I rewatched the movie this morning and realized how good and yet how horribly cheesy it is.’
      • ‘It's the most horribly unfunny thing I have ever seen in my life!’