Meaning of horse artillery in English:

horse artillery

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mass noun historical
  • A detachment of soldiers on horseback deploying mobile, large-calibre guns.

    ‘he had been a horseman in the Royal Horse Artillery’
    • ‘In November 1855, he returned to the horse artillery.’
    • ‘In 1815, he was promoted to be captain of horse artillery.’
    • ‘Cavalry units often contained a component of horse artillery.’
    • ‘The creation of horse artillery provided a mobile reserve.’
    • ‘The next level down was the commander of the fire unit—the horse artillery troop or foot artillery company—equivalent to modern batteries.’
    • ‘The horse artillery demonstrated fully the characteristics for which it is noted.’
    • ‘The cavalry commander offered him all the horse artillery to use as he wished.’
    • ‘At Waterloo he showed undaunted bravery whilst directing the cavalry and horse artillery.’
    • ‘Pictures of horses and horse artillery are replaced by pictures of planes, tanks, and helicopters.’
    • ‘If the advance guard is intended to occupy an area of ground rapidly, this will be done by cavalry with horse artillery present if required.’