Meaning of horse laugh in English:

horse laugh


  • A loud, coarse laugh.

    ‘Ethan laughs a long horse laugh that is entirely inappropriate but fits with his racism.’
    • ‘When I first heard of it I thought of old Lucy who (so I was told) used to do it in the recreation ground for half-a-crown, and her likely horse laugh: ‘Oh, I wouldn't call it work, dearie’.’
    • ‘In places like Riyadh and Moscow and Oslo and Mexico City and Vienna - where OPEC and other oil producers are meeting to set oil prices - the very notion of U.S. antitrust principles must be good for a horse laugh.’
    • ‘As for McChesney's ‘good journalism is bad business’ formula, I can only offer a horse laugh.’
    • ‘Ask anybody who works for a big media company how much cooperation they get from their corporate cousins, and you'll be greeted by a horse laugh.’
    • ‘But on the other hand, we then got to thinking about the great American journalist H L Menkin who once said that, a good horse laugh is worth 1000 syllogisms, and we're pretty big on the syllogisms.’
    • ‘The notion that presidents and prime ministers are altruistic social planners will draw a horse laugh from most economists.’
    • ‘We went for the horse laugh on this one, so we decided we would have Project Steve.’
    • ‘Instead of painted blondes on the arms of fat cats, there sat Bret Easton Ellis at a nearby table, laughing big horse laughs with his funky, downtown retinue.’