Meaning of horseback in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːsbak/

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  • Done while mounted on a horse.

    ‘a horseback parade’
    • ‘But I do travel a lot, and riding horseback is a great way to see a country from a different perspective.’
    • ‘After that she never rode horseback in the parade again.’
    • ‘We would ride so far and so long when I was a kid, that I would fall asleep horseback and fall off.’
    • ‘Jack rides horseback along the road in the opposite direction.’
    • ‘Tents were being moved into wagons and onto horseback, along with their contents.’
    • ‘Go horseback trail riding, followed by a spot of fishing.’
    • ‘It was here I went on my first horseback ride, with a mount easier to handle than even my rental car and a friendly Indian wrangler guide.’
    • ‘Europeans are shown hunting deer and riding horseback as well as fishing, both from the shore and from boats.’
    • ‘Other activities include boat cruise, bush dinners, lion walks and encounter, crocodile farm tours and horseback safaris.’
    • ‘We stop by the lake for a coffee and takakau (Maori bread) before one last ride up the hill to finish our horseback journey.’
    on horseback, mounted, riding, in the saddle


  • On a horse.

    • ‘they rode horseback along the trail’


    on horseback
    • On a horse.

      ‘a lady on horseback rode up to the house’
      • ‘There were no casualties, but that little skirmish was a bit of history: it was the last time the British Army rode into battle on horseback.’
      • ‘I point out to him that the queen no longer rides on horseback during the ceremony, but uses a carriage.’
      • ‘At eleven years old he rode fifty miles on horseback to a farm on the banks of the Rakaia River.’
      • ‘He rode the country on horseback preaching daily in the open air, under trees.’
      • ‘President James Monroe would ride around Washington on horseback.’
      • ‘This records the queen's visit to Coventry in August 1566 and makes it clear that Elizabeth rode on horseback.’
      • ‘Learning to ride is something I have always wanted to do and never did properly and the idea of scrambling around the countryside on horseback appeals to me.’
      • ‘Around 20 police officers, two on horseback, were keeping order as spectators filed into the ground yesterday.’
      • ‘Soldiers on horseback have been seen patrolling the area.’
      • ‘As I came up to a join in the paths, through the drizzle and the fog I saw another party, on foot and horseback, approaching along the other track.’