Meaning of horsefly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːsflʌɪ/

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nounplural noun horseflies

  • A stoutly built fly, the female of which is a bloodsucker and inflicts painful bites on horses, humans, and other large mammals.

    Family Tabanidae: numerous species, in particular the common European Haematopota pluvialis

    ‘A bite from a horsefly can be very painful, can take a long time to heal and can lead to an infection.’
    • ‘Try to avoid camping near water, such as ponds and swamps where insects such as mosquitoes and horseflies are commonly found.’
    • ‘The horsefly's larva spirals up and down through soft mud, creating a cylindrical column in which it pupates.’
    • ‘No, we're here in this God-awful sun, dodging horseflies and getting chopped grass stuck all over us and sweating so much that we'll never get dried off and clean before the party, that's what we're doing!’
    • ‘Once I was camping in Canada during mid-summer, and the horseflies were so big that they devoured my traveling companion while he was taking a nap.’