Meaning of horseless carriage in English:

horseless carriage


archaic, humorous
  • A car.

    ‘Cars were originally horseless carriages, and early models looked suitably carriage-like; only later did car designers realise that cars could be almost any shape they wanted to make them.’
    • ‘We have inherited a Victorian infrastructure and road plan which did not take into account the horseless carriage and almost universal car ownership.’
    • ‘These statements are like saying that a car is a horseless carriage.’
    • ‘When automobiles arrived, it made sense to identify them as horseless carriages: like a carriage, but without the horse.’
    • ‘My 97-year old neighbour, Vera Wildig, can remember the Titanic setting off from Southampton on her fateful voyage in 1912, and she recollects how shocked she was at seeing the first horseless carriages driving through the New Forest.’
    • ‘In fact, his friends might well have told him he was mad to turn his attention from milling and selling flour to selling and repairing the new horseless carriages.’
    • ‘The leader of The White Stripes has made a career out of being obtuse: dressing only in certain colours and scorning technology such as computers, television, the horseless carriage etc.’
    • ‘Tom said: ‘It was the first horseless carriage built to carry passengers.’’
    • ‘Today I'm going to talk about the horseless carriage.’
    • ‘You don't create a horseless carriage by mechanizing the horse.’
    • ‘The automobile, also known as the horseless carriage or ‘Tin Lizzie’, has been hurting people since its inception in the early 1900s.’
    • ‘I've never particularly liked horseless carriages - they make me nervous, especially since they move without having any reason to.’
    • ‘It was some 20 years after the horseless carriage took, huffing and puffing, to the highway that a system of vehicle and driver licensing was introduced in the advanced countries of Europe.’
    • ‘At the turn of the last century, as ships began to pass through the Panama Canal, the fledgling horseless carriage traversed other byways in forms we would hardly recognize today.’
    • ‘The fledgling car business was booming, but its products tended to be spare and utilitarian variations on the horseless carriage theme.’
    • ‘Twenty-five years later, those words sound as absurd as those who asserted that the horseless carriage would be a passing fancy.’
    • ‘The promoter who advanced the future of the horseless carriage was H. A. Kohlstaat.’
    • ‘The search for better ways to make vehicles run is as old as the horseless carriage.’
    • ‘It's an exciting development that in many ways closely resembles the switch from horse to horseless carriage at the end of the 19th century.’
    • ‘However, very few imagined the second-order disruption of this horseless carriage - parking lots and traffic jams.’
    automobile, motor, machine