Meaning of horsemanship in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːsmənʃɪp/

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mass noun
  • The art or practice of riding on horseback.

    ‘The former panel beater from Swindon was champion jockey seven times and was renowned for his graceful riding style and superb horsemanship.’
    • ‘If you're a devotee of the classic skills of haute école horsemanship, then the famed Lippizaner horses at the Winter Riding School are not to be missed.’
    • ‘Her show achievements include numerous regional championships in stock seat equitation and regional reserves in horsemanship and showmanship.’
    • ‘From his earliest days of riding Dolly his horsemanship was superb.’
    • ‘Good horsemanship is critical to success in any horse-related sport.’
    • ‘Good breeding is a vital element in Flat racing and Eddery himself has horsemanship in his genes, being the son of Irish champion jockey Jimmy.’
    • ‘He said he wants his students to learn horsemanship in addition to riding skills, as he did under trainer Odie Clelland.’
    • ‘But there is little doubt that Culloty's horsemanship has improved over the last couple of seasons - and a lot of the credit must go to Knight's husband, Terry Biddlecombe.’
    • ‘When he encountered a problem he couldn't figure out, he would consult with tribal elders who were versed in the ‘old ways’ of horsemanship.’
    • ‘Dr. Thomas Ritter is one of a very exclusive group of people in the United States dedicated to the preservation of the classical art of horsemanship.’
    • ‘Two British gold-medal-winning athletes from the Athens Paralympics will be taking part in a display of horsemanship at this year's Grand National meeting.’
    • ‘Beverly Brooks Solter, who was known for her integrity and horsemanship, died of cancer on Tuesday at her farm in Upperco, Maryland.’
    • ‘Cowboy mounted shooting is a combination of reining, barrel racing, and horsemanship, while shooting at balloon targets.’
    • ‘But, ultimately, games are won by superior horsemanship.’
    • ‘I found Karen Brown in Bandera at Solitaire Ranch, and she explained natural horsemanship to me.’
    • ‘Despite his youth and relative inexperience, he has shown mature horsemanship in his races, most notably on the first day of 2003.’
    • ‘It is a rugged contact sport that demands great horsemanship, balance and ball-handling skills from the human combatants.’
    • ‘He and Pat hit it off and Dave began studying natural horsemanship in earnest.’
    • ‘I could make a blanket statement that lead shanks with chains are bad for horses or that they're a sign of poor horsemanship.’
    • ‘This must rank as the best horsemanship in the race at a time prior to the modifications of the fences.’