Meaning of horsemeat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔːsmiːt/

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mass noun
  • The flesh of a horse as food.

    ‘The celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was the target of a pungent protest against eating horse meat yesterday.’
    • ‘Despite its tender flavour, there has always something unsettling about a plate of steaming horse meat.’
    • ‘She made a shirt for his son, for which she was paid in horse meat.’
    • ‘We sat down to a dinner of bloodied horsemeat in silence.’
    • ‘This time however, the wording was changed to include selling horsemeat in the United States.’
    • ‘The big news in Japan recently was ice-cream made from raw horse meat.’
    • ‘Dutch legislation prohibited all manufacturers of meat products from having in stock or processing horsemeat.’
    • ‘During the summer their diet was principally horse meat.’
    • ‘By the 1920s, canned pet foods made primarily of horsemeat joined dry foods on store shelves.’
    • ‘Meat, most commonly mutton or horse meat, was boiled in a big cauldron.’
    • ‘The sale of horsemeat was not actually forbidden in the Netherlands.’
    • ‘One of three foreign-owned slaughterhouses in the United States, Cavel ships horse meat overseas for human consumption.’
    • ‘Normally it would take a lot to persuade me to eat horse meat.’
    • ‘At his traditional food stand in the harborside flea market, one vendor said he is seeing a marked rise in sales of horsemeat.’
    • ‘Meals at the camp are based on the traditional diet of pickled vegetables, cabbage, and goat and horse meat.’
    • ‘A while back, the American chain Ponderosa made headlines for daring to pass horse meat off to unsuspecting customers as steak.’
    • ‘Sushi chefs are considering using raw deer and even horse meat because of an international shortage of tuna.’
    • ‘You will be further pampered by the excellent food served here which include carp stewed in sweet soy sauce, herring and even horsemeat.’
    • ‘Fresh meat was their preference and horsemeat was the favourite.’
    • ‘The horse meat was quite tasty too.’