Meaning of hospodar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɒspədɑː/


  • A governor of Wallachia and Moldavia under the Ottoman Porte.

    ‘In fact, when the Russians left the country in 1834, the czar and the sultan chose the hospodars themselves.’
    • ‘To make their investment lucrative the newly appointed hospodars impoverished the people of Moldavia with high taxes.’
    • ‘In the eighteenth century, the Phanariotes were appointed hospodars, or princes, of the Romanian provinces Moldavia and Wallachia.’
    • ‘The right of the Turkish Sultan to appoint the Moldavian hospodars was recognized, with the proviso, however, that the appointments be made from a list of candidates submitted by the Polish King.’
    • ‘Until 1821 the Turkish sultans appointed governors, or hospodars, usually chosen from among the Phanariots, Greek residents of Constantinople.’


From Romanian, from Ukrainian hospodar; related to Russian gospodarʹ, from gospodʹ ‘lord’.