Meaning of hot-stove in English:



North American attributive
  • Denoting a discussion about a favourite sport carried on during the off season.

    ‘hot-stove speculation’
    • ‘THE NATIONAL LEAGUE MAY NOT HAVE WON THE World Series last year, the Giants coming up short in a seven-game classic with the Angels, but there is little question about which circuit was the busiest in the hot-stove season.’
    • ‘While the Yankees and the Red Sox hogged the hot-stove spotlight, it was the Angels who landed the best free-agent player in Guerrero and the top free-agent pitcher in power righthander Bartolo Colon.’
    • ‘The hottest happening of a very active hot-stove NBA summer was the Los Angeles Lakers' trade of O'Neal to the Miami Heat for Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, and Brian Grant.’
    • ‘We'd debate the notion that football doesn't have a hot-stove season, but thanks to Terrell Owens, no one can deny it has a hot-air season.’
    • ‘SURELY THERE HAVE BEEN more active hot-stove summers in professional basketball.’
    • ‘So, Sean Burroughs for Dewon Brazelton doesn't stoke your hot-stove fire?’
    • ‘Well, maybe not so much, but it makes for some fun hot-stove talk as the 2004 inauguration kicks off and as those '08 Iowa caucuses are but a mere 36 months away or so (but who's counting?’
    • ‘The authors proved me wrong, as this roadmap of public spaces and history of New York City planning and zoning kept me as enthralled as the Baseball Encyclopedia does during a hot-stove winter conversation.’


1950s by association with discussions conducted around a heater in the winter.