Meaning of hot air in English:

hot air


mass nouninformal
  • Empty talk that is intended to impress.

    ‘they dismissed the theory as a load of hot air’
    • ‘One could hardly fail to see the parallel of two vast but empty projects full of little but hot air and blasted hopes.’
    • ‘Women talking are doing more than just filling the environment with hot air.’
    • ‘So all the huffing and puffing from Free TV Australia is just special interest hot air.’
    • ‘His promises to subdue the militia in West Timor and restore law and order in Ambon are nothing but hot air.’
    • ‘If the profs and prophets reckon the balloon's going up, you can guarantee it's not hot air.’
    • ‘Despite all the poisonous hot air, Clarke failed to increase circulation.’
    • ‘Well, generating all that hot air is thirsty work, and the weekend's here!’
    • ‘But when it came to the crunch, it turned out that the weightless economy was really fuelled by hot air.’
    • ‘On the topic of hot air, there were some absolutely jaw dropping quotes heard on the hill today.’
    • ‘But I'm not afraid to walk away if I think the person offering it is full of hot air.’
    • ‘The question for consumers is whether all of this activity signals a big bang leading to lower prices or yet more hot air?’
    • ‘Even its biggest advocates would have to admit that it really is one hell of a lot of hot air blowing slowly round the internet.’
    • ‘That will require a lot more talking and hopefully not too much hot air.’
    • ‘At least then he'd have done something for the environment, rather than polluting it with his hot air.’
    • ‘Is it because they are too busy flapping inside and spewing hot air about little Englander issues alone?’
    • ‘The chances of his words amounting to more than hot air look slim indeed.’
    • ‘He is just full of himself, no lecture notes no real guidance and just lots of hot air.’
    • ‘They think it is all a lot of hot air but we have carried out substantial surveys.’
    • ‘Like so many of Labour's initiatives, this one too has turned out to be so much hot air.’
    • ‘You can expect world leaders to be talking a lot of hot air about climate change today.’
    rubbish, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, guff, blather, blether
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hot air