Meaning of hot and heavy in English:

hot and heavy


informal North American
  • Intense; with intensity.

    • ‘the competition became very hot and heavy’
    • ‘he'd go at it hot and heavy for a few evenings’
    • ‘Look, the exchange was going hot and heavy at that point and she was asking about the affidavit and she was asking about lawyers, and then, did you have a relationship?’
    • ‘As you guys well know, stuff is getting a little hot and heavy down range.’
    • ‘There's bound to be a political response, and there has been, hot and heavy, from both sides.’
    • ‘Competition was hot and heavy but the Pearl rose to the top.’
    • ‘This Monday was the day and the competition was hot and heavy.’
    • ‘Posting there gets hot and heavy during campaign season, and is updated as news or circumstances permit.’
    • ‘I was beginning to think you and Christian were getting all hot and heavy before the party even started!’
    • ‘He said he went back home for a surprise visit and he found his girlfriend getting hot and heavy with his best friend.’
    • ‘It was just starting to get hot and heavy out there!’