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mass noun
  • The practice in an office of allocating desks to workers when they are required or on a rota system, rather than giving each worker their own desk.

    ‘But this tradition is breaking down, due to practices such as hot-desking, business travel and tele-commuting.’
    • ‘The modern preference for hot-desking in open-plan offices also gets a cool reception from workers.’
    • ‘We keep a number of desks free for hot-desking, so I use one of those.’
    • ‘The six different modules of the product include hot-desking, unified messaging, fax messaging, voice mail, auto-attendant and Text To Speech functions.’
    • ‘For employees that are hot-desking or have to work out of different offices, they can make any phone their own by simply logging on to the system.’
    • ‘The agency was also an early pioneer of hot-desking.’
    • ‘Such an institution might boast not only the healthcare equivalent of hot-desking (which, to some extent, already happens) but also, for instance, operating theatres without walls.’
    • ‘Developments in communications technology have enabled the evolution of hot-desking and its descendants.’
    • ‘I will, however, state that hot-desking is possibly the worst idea in the world.’
    • ‘They are on the move more, so they need hot-desking facilities.’
    • ‘Gervais wanted something universally recognizable - a million miles from the hot-desking, video-conferencing, feng-shuied fantasy office of the media's imagination.’