Meaning of hot pants in English:

hot pants

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plural noun

  • Very tight, brief women's shorts, worn as a fashion garment.

    • ‘A multi-colour short cape worn over hot pants - indeed very hot and chic - opened the show.’
    • ‘So when Destra showed up onstage in the shortest black hot pants, much of her buttocks in full view, it was no surprise everyone rushed to the front of the stage.’
    • ‘Girls were feisty yet feminine in white cotton hot pants and pedal pushers with rosey pink translucent gathered layers, whilst the boys looked tough in wide legged trousers and heavy coats.’
    • ‘The sheltered village girl who always covered her head and arms was horrified by what she saw on campus: Scantily clad girls wore hot pants and tank tops.’
    • ‘Litter, halternecks, flicked hair, aviator glasses, embroidered denim, lip gloss and even hot pants are the latest trademarks of the Seventies to be enjoying a revival of fortune.’
    • ‘As soon as he'd left the room, I changed into the hot pants and the spaghetti-strap top I'm wearing at night.’
    • ‘That future may seem bleak if you don't look good in spangled bustiers and hot pants.’
    • ‘To be precise, the three young women in the family were all wearing heels, hot pants and boob tubes.’
    • ‘Another wears purple platform shoes with red polka dots; one more flaunts fringed hot pants.’


hot pants