Meaning of hot stuff in English:

hot stuff

Pronunciation /ˌhɒt ˈstʌf/

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mass noun
  • 1 informal A person or thing of outstanding quality or skill.

    • ‘he's hot stuff at arithmetic’
    • ‘Buchan got a reputation - which would surely have horrified him - of being a writer of hot stuff.’
    • ‘It doesn't seem to have occurred to the American Advertising Federation or its corporate sponsors that it is insulting to tell a group of students that, for minorities, they are hot stuff.’
    • ‘Raising the chip to my anticipating lip, I braced myself for some hot stuff, but the burnt sienna dip, most likely whipped up on the premises, wasn't nearly as spiced up as it could have been.’
    • ‘The Sligo centre also continues to provide training courses in the use of breathing apparatus and other equipment and so can be considered to be pretty hot stuff in the world of fire fighting training.’
    • ‘Tickets to Bruce Springsteen's tour are pretty hot stuff.’
    • ‘The producers winced; the man may have been hot stuff in his time, but now he was ‘washed up.’’
    • ‘After his being honoured with the Wisden Award for the Indian cricketer of the century, Kapil Dev has suddenly become hot stuff for TV channels.’
    • ‘I wonder what all this hot stuff is, anyway.’
    • ‘That's not to say that there isn't some hot stuff out there.’
    • ‘This little guy is closer to some hot stuff than he knows.’
    1. 1.1A sexually exciting person, film, book, etc.
      ‘Jill was reputed to be hot stuff’
      • ‘The film had already received heaps of advance press, assuring decent ratings, but the TV suits apparently got cold feet about the hot stuff in the film (including a symphony of sexual shots early in the movie) and pulled the plug.’
      • ‘And, two, just because she's hot stuff, it doesn't mean you aren't!’
      • ‘And it's all pretty hot stuff, some of it deliciously erotic.’
      • ‘She's definitely hot stuff but to be honest I've gone off her now.’