Meaning of hot water cupboard in English:

hot water cupboard


New Zealand
  • A cupboard in a house which contains a hot water cylinder, typically fitted with shelves for airing clothes.

    ‘let it rise someplace warm like the hot water cupboard’
    • ‘An unexploded mortar shell found in the hot water cupboard of an unoccupied Tauranga house has been safely removed.’
    • ‘There was these three teddy bears all hiding in the hot water cupboard.’
    • ‘Keep it warm in the hot water cupboard.’
    • ‘A prisoner who escaped from the Otago Corrections Facility a week ago, has finally been found, hiding in a hot water cupboard in Milton.’
    • ‘The creature was found sleeping in a hot water cupboard.’
    • ‘Squeeze tea bags out after use, then place them on a flat tray to dry in the sun or in the hot water cupboard.’
    • ‘To be fair, mice will come in to any warm place, such as the hot water cupboard, in winter, even if the house is spotless.’
    • ‘The mice come through the rotting wood in the hot water cupboard.’
    • ‘They had a great way of teaching us to wash our hands - they took samples before and after we washed them, labelled the petri dishes then put them in the hot water cupboard.’
    • ‘The controller box was mounted inside my hot water cupboard.’