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  • 1An establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services for travellers and tourists.

    ‘a five-star hotel’
    • ‘a hotel room’
    • ‘He instead spent a couple of nights in a Frankfurt hotel room when nobody showed up to greet him at the other end.’
    • ‘It has many of the trappings of a five-star hotel, but the service can be a bit patchy.’
    • ‘The hotel staff would tell tourists how great it was and the tourists would want to go.’
    • ‘There is a wide choice of accommodation, from modest apartments to five-star hotels.’
    • ‘Medical and counselling services were on hand and free accommodation was available at hotels.’
    • ‘One of my corporate sponsors had kindly donated a night's free accommodation in a proper hotel.’
    • ‘The first play is the monologue of a travelling salesman, talking to a girl in his hotel room.’
    • ‘The owners have other interests in hotels and tourism but business must surely be at an all time low?’
    • ‘I have read that Americans think that the service in British hotels is lousy.’
    • ‘As for breakfast, the meal that so few hotels get right - it turned out excellent.’
    • ‘We don't usually get knocks at the door in the night when stopping in hotels.’
    • ‘A chef from one of London's top hotels is serving school meals to pupils at a secondary school.’
    • ‘They spent the night in hotels without a change of clothes because their bags remained on the plane.’
    • ‘Hundreds of passengers spent the night in hotels as police made sure it was clear.’
    • ‘We'll spend the night in a hotel there and board the ship for Australia the next day.’
    • ‘Service throughout the hotel is bright and efficient without being spectacular.’
    • ‘In the lobby they have brochures that indicate what services the hotel can provide.’
    • ‘The costs had therefore included the bill for travel, as well as hotel accommodation.’
    • ‘The hour-and-a-half long film is set in the claustrophobic confines of a dingy hotel room.’
    • ‘It all ended up with five friends sleeping on the floor of his hotel room.’
    1. 1.1mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand A pub.
      • ‘Welcome to the Agincourt Hotel, the first truly carbon neutral pub in Australia.’
      hostelry, tavern, inn, wine bar, cocktail bar, taproom
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    2. 1.2South Asian A restaurant or cafe.
      • ‘a group of four friends had gone to have dinner at a roadside hotel’
  • 2A code word representing the letter H, used in radio communication.

    ‘In NATO phonetic alphabet: G is Golf, H is Hotel, and L is Lima.’
    • ‘HAL is Hotel, Alpha, Lima.’



/ˌhəʊˈtɛl/ /hə(ʊ)ˈtɛl/


The normal pronunciation of hotel sounds the h-, which means that the preceding indefinite article is a. However, the older pronunciation without the h- is still occasionally heard, and leads to the preceding indefinite article being an rather than a. For a discussion of this, see an


Late 17th century from French hôtel, from Old French hostel (see hostel).