Meaning of hotel room in English:

hotel room

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  • A bedroom in a hotel.

    ‘a $13-per-night hotel room in a provincial town’
    • ‘He recently met up with a fellow educator on the road who bemoaned having spent 240 nights in hotel rooms the previous year.’
    • ‘The only complaint was the cost of a hotel room.’
    • ‘I loved the locations you use, from the hotel rooms to the lake in the final scene.’
    • ‘In Hong Kong, for example, you've got different kinds of hotel rooms, different people, different customs, different sights.’
    • ‘My appreciation for doing things first class began in a hotel room in New York City several years ago.’
    • ‘Instead of a comfortable cottage, he now occupies a shadowy hotel room with a bottle of Scotch on the dresser.’
    • ‘At the end of the day, he returns to his hotel room to soak his hands and get ready for the next day.’
    • ‘I like to film in hotel rooms, in elevators, or on moving staircases.’
    • ‘Nothing distinguishes the hotel rooms from the private apartments.’
    • ‘Sitting forlornly on a bed in his hotel room, he looks more like a ghost than a ghostbuster.’