Meaning of hotelkeeper in English:


Pronunciation /həʊˈtɛlkiːpə/

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  • A person who runs a hotel.

    ‘Mr Paine was a hotelkeeper on a relatively modest scale.’
    • ‘Just a month before the fixed deadline, hotelkeepers said that foreign tour operators had booked bedrooms in still-unfinished hotels.’
    • ‘They rented a small house from the German hotelkeeper, beside the Augustinian priory and oldest church in North India.’
    • ‘Barret and McNamara, for example, had begun colonial life as labourers before gaining sufficient resources to become hotelkeepers.’
    • ‘By profession a hotelkeeper, the elder Parer on all accounts had the shrewd joviality of his calling.’
    • ‘After fighting in the Mexican-American War, he resettled in Pekin, Illinois, where he became a hotelkeeper.’
    • ‘From the very start Melrose had wanted a brewery and although most hotelkeepers brewed their own, it was Gray who started a separate brewery.’
    • ‘The group went to the end of the lake, where the hotelkeeper has a house and farm and allows people to look around if they give a donation.’
    • ‘He rushed to the police to confess: "It is I who killed the hotelkeeper and his wife in order to steal from them."’
    • ‘The tale of the Basque hotelkeeper Lyda Esain captures graphically the challenges and drudgery of owning and operating such an enterprise.’
    owner, possessor, holder, keeper, freeholder, landowner, squire, landlord, landlady, master, mistress, proprietress