Meaning of hotlist in English:



  • A personal list of favourite or most frequently accessed websites compiled by an Internet user.

    ‘hot lists are already getting jammed and surfers are becoming more choosy’
    • ‘The hotlist now includes a links panel, which lists all the links in the current page, by default, and the browser also supports spatial navigation.’
    • ‘If I cared, at all, about sports other than the Avalanche, this site would be on my hotlist for many years.’
    • ‘You can compose a custom request with frequently-used parameters and save it as a hotlist or bookmark item in your browser.’
    • ‘It's kind of interesting to check into their portfolios and see who else they own; it's like a cross between a hotlist and a financial decision.’
    • ‘Insiders say the Development Bank is also on the hotlist.’
    • ‘They've joined forces and produced a one-stop-shopping locale, which is now going to be on my hotlist.’