Significado de houndfish en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈhaʊndfɪʃ/

nombresustantivo plural houndfish, sustantivo plural houndfishes

  • A large garfish of warm inshore waters, which leaps from the water and skitters over the surface when disturbed.

    Genus Tylosaurus, family Belonidae: several species

    ‘Stephanie was standing in chest-deep water when a houndfish flew out of the water and stabbed her in the neck with its spearlike nose.’
    • ‘It was very slow. we only managed to land one houndfish and a bonito.’
    • ‘A houndfish is a silver, saltwater, large needlefish with a green back, and whose jaws are equal in length.’
    • ‘Later, we came back to Double Reef in full scuba gear, but the houndfish didn't show up, even when the girls were feeding the tangs and the black damsels.’
    • ‘Along the way, we also caught a remora, a large houndfish, and 2 bluerunners.’
    • ‘This houndfish was caught on the last morning of a month long backpacking/fishing trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.’
    • ‘A couple of weeks ago, this paper ran a brief story about a 16-year-old Florida snorkeler, Stephanie Mittler, who was speared in the neck by a needle-nosed houndfish.’