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hour hand


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  • The hand on a clock or watch which indicates the hour.

    ‘Collecting data for this experiment is about as exciting as watching the hour hand move on a clock.’
    • ‘The changes are subtle, advancing like the hour hand on a clock, but there is unmistakable movement… and it's fascinating to watch it occur, in large part because it's all Schulz.’
    • ‘In summer, butterflies drifted between trenches, birds sang, clouds shifted in the sky, the sun moved slow as an hour hand on a clock.’
    • ‘He watched the ticking on his bedside clock until the minute hand felt more like the hour hand.’
    • ‘In the grandfather clock, it's a system of gears that converts the pendulum period into appropriate speeds to move the second hand, minute hand, and hour hand.’
    • ‘As soon as she was close enough to see the glare of the torch fire gleaming off the glass face of the clock, she could see the minute hand slowly creeping to the 10, with the hour hand stationed at 11.’
    • ‘That afternoon, he placidly installed the wheels, pinions, minute hand, hour hand, pendulum and a multitude of other vital, mechanical bits into a complete clock.’
    • ‘The length of the hour hand is 23 inches and that of the minute hand is 41 inches while the size of the figures is 12 inches, each.’
    • ‘Quite simply, the hour hand is long and the minute hand is short.’
    • ‘As the hour hand of the large casino clock moved directly on top of the eight, the doors of the elevator underneath the clock slowly slid open.’
    • ‘She continued to lay there until the minute struck twelve, and the hour hand placed perfectly in the middle of eleven.’
    • ‘The same moment that the hour hand touched the seven, Amy heard a bark.’
    • ‘As soon as the hour hand marked the beginning of Christmas Day, Oz's heart monitor began to beep a bit faster.’
    • ‘In just a few seconds, it's moved completely around the dial, so that the hour hand is now on the 1.’
    • ‘The rest of the day went by rather slowly for him as he waited anxiously for the hour hand to tick to three.’
    • ‘The gold case shone in the dim light of the shop, and the hour hand ticked away merrily.’
    • ‘The dials of German clocks sometimes combine minute and hour hands of brass and steel, and occasionally on later clocks a sweep-second hand adds animation.’