Meaning of house-made in English:



North American
  • (of food or drink served in a restaurant, cafe, etc.) made on the premises.

    ‘specialties include house-made sausage and hamburger made with grass-fed beef’
    • ‘we tried some incredible house-made limoncello infused with rhubarb’
    • ‘At dessert time, choose the house-made gelato.’
    • ‘In addition to hot buttered rum, Oliver's makes a hot buttered brandy with house-made batter.’
    • ‘For dessert, we eat a superb house-made dark chocolate ganache cake ($6.50).’
    • ‘The house-made flavored vodkas are another highlight, changing with the seasons.’
    • ‘An offbeat purée of smoked eggplant and fennel is haunting stuff, to be eaten on crackly house-made croutons.’
    • ‘We also gave high marks to the house-made liverwurst accompanied by horseradish mustard.’
    • ‘The poached pear is very nice, as is the house-made tiramisu when it is fresh.’
    • ‘Dolich makes his franks from pork and beef, and serves them on brioche buns baked by pastry chef and chef de cuisine Ellen Jackson, with house-made ketchup alongside.’
    • ‘And why not have your Red Rockets ($4.95) with house-made onion rings ($3.95)?’
    • ‘We also loved the house-made cannoli ($6), three miniatures with chocolate, caramel and pistachio ricotta fillings.’