Meaning of house cricket in English:

house cricket


  • A chiefly nocturnal cricket with a birdlike warble, native to North Africa and south-western Asia. It has become established in warm buildings throughout Europe.

    Acheta domesticus, family Gryllidae

    ‘Spiders were shipped to Toronto and reared in a reversed 12-h dark / 12-h light cycle on a standardized diet of fruit flies (Drosophila spp.) and house crickets.’
    • ‘Both species were maintained on a diet of domestic house crickets.’
    • ‘Several R2-less insect species, such as the European house cricket Acheta domesticus, have no insertion in rDNA.’
    • ‘Here we show that male attractiveness and fighting ability are positively correlated in the house cricket, Acheta domesticus.’
    • ‘Females were offered one adult house cricket three times weekly from the time of collection until the production of an egg sac.’