Meaning of house of God in English:

house of God



  • A place of religious worship, especially a church.

    ‘I personally have always believed that God is with me wherever I am and have always looked upon the church as a house of God, whatever that church may be Catholic, Buddhist, whatever.’
    • ‘Those who forbid women from worshipping in the house of God, he says, winding up his argument, ‘will be held answerable in God's court’.’
    • ‘Such domes had previously been reserved for churches - that is, for the houses of God, not those of man.’
    • ‘If anything, they are not different from those vendors Christ whipped out of a church when he found they hard turned the house of God into a market.’
    • ‘Since a Gothic cathedral is the house of God, light is visible proof that the divine is present.’
    • ‘Sovik designs churches to be houses for the people of God-not houses of God.’
    • ‘This is critical to stem actions in some of the houses of God which if anything border on ridiculing the same Almighty Lord they ought to be praying to.’
    • ‘This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.’
    • ‘By what warrant do you interrupt Mass and bring violence into the house of God?’
    • ‘Le Corbusier's raw, almost bleak church at La Tourette is, for all its poverty, an undeniable house of God.’
    house of God, the Lord's house, house of prayer