Meaning of house painter in English:

house painter


  • A person whose job is painting and decorating the interior or exterior of houses.

    ‘Sam is living on a boat and working as a house painter’
    • ‘For the next few years, he supported himself mainly as a housepainter, signwriter, and carpenter.’
    • ‘He was an apprenticed house painter for three years.’
    • ‘After a period of time, he was offered a job as a house painter.’
    • ‘With no money or connections and only limited knowledge of English, he began working at a series of odd jobs, such as short-order cook and house painter.’
    • ‘After dropping out of art school, she worked as a house painter, plasterer, and paperhanger while she made abstract paintings and drawings in her spare time.’
    • ‘He became a house-painter like his father.’
    • ‘He was a signwriter and housepainter by trade.’
    • ‘If you have a separate structure that is used exclusively for your business, such as a house painter's shed, expenses related to that structure may be deductible.’
    • ‘He worked as a housepainter and a puppeteer in local theater for several years before becoming mayor of the small village.’
    • ‘He had been employed as a house painter for about 20 years.’