Meaning of house physician in English:

house physician

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  • 1A medical doctor attached to a particular hospital or other institution.

    ‘a house physician at Manhasset Medical Center on Long Island’
    • ‘The doctor is house physician for an upscale hotel/casino.’
    • ‘I remember the house physician saying the child only had a few months.’
    • ‘He was appointed house physician to Birmingham General Hospital in 1848, and he held this office until 1852, when he left to enter private practice in Temple Row.’
    • ‘He worked as house physician in the East London Hospital for Children.’
    • ‘Her grandfather's last job was as house physician at Wade Park Manor.’
    • ‘He worked for more than 12 years as house physician.’
    • ‘Over the next 24 hours various people filtered in and out of room 552: the hotel manager, the house physician, and an undertaker.’
    • ‘He returned to St Bartholomew's where, briefly, he was both house physician and editor of its journal.’
    • ‘Most surgeons and house physicians are male, whereas most nurses and surgical technologists are female.’
    • ‘He returned to Nigeria to serve briefly as house physician at the General Hospital, Lagos.’
    1. 1.1British A qualified doctor practising general medicine under supervision in hospital in the first year after graduation.
      ‘she spent three years as house physician’
      • ‘Once qualified, he served a short period as house physician at St Bartholomew's and then left to join the family practice in Bournemouth.’
      • ‘He was a house physician and assistant medical officer at University College.’
      • ‘He studied medicine and then was a house physician at the Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children and at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.’
      • ‘The casualty department in the hospital where I was a young house physician many years ago had no casualty officer overnight.’
      • ‘She spent three years as house physician, surgeon, and junior medical officer in the London County Council service.’
      • ‘He went to Adelaide University, qualifying in 1934 and spending two years as house physician and surgeon at Adelaide Hospital and Adelaide Children's Hospital.’
      • ‘Seeking further training in paediatrics, she found that she could not apply to Great Ormond Street Hospital, since it had a policy of not employing women house physicians.’
      • ‘He came to England to undertake postgraduate research, and in the following year became a house physician at the Hammersmith Hospital in London.’
      • ‘He had evidently made such an impression as a student and house physician that he was invited to return.’
      • ‘Her first job was as house physician at the South London Hospital for Women and Children in Clapham.’