Meaning of house price in English:

house price


usually house prices
  • The price at which a house is sold or offered for sale.

    ‘the highest median house prices in the country’
    • ‘The situation became desperate as house prices escalated.’
    • ‘Affordable homes rented from rural housing associations do help in preventing young people and others with low incomes from being forced out of their own villages by rising house prices.’
    • ‘Parallel to all this activity by government, one major and continuing trend has been house price inflation.’
    • ‘If local house prices have fallen significantly, a worker may not be able to cover the mortgage value of the house from its sale, nor funds for the deposit required for a mortgage in the more expensive region.’
    • ‘The Bank of New Zealand economist says the house price bubble of 2004 to 2007 never really popped.’
    • ‘Jobs are down,the stock prices are down, and the house prices are falling rapidly.’
    • ‘While low interest rates would normally boost house prices, the sustained strength of the euro could threaten existing and prospective US foreign direct investment here, as US companies see their Irish costs soar in dollar terms.’
    • ‘The loans that were unsustainable unless house prices rose in perpetuity.’
    • ‘The senior director said the suburban apartment boom was being driven by house price rises and a generally low level of listings for existing homes.’
    • ‘Even as house prices spiral out of control in Morningside, and the citizens derive a quiet satisfaction from coming third in Britain for the number of millionaires they boast per square metre.’