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house sparrow


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  • A common brown and grey sparrow that nests in the eaves and roofs of houses, common from Europe to southern Asia and introduced elsewhere.

    Passer domesticus, family Passeridae (or Ploceidae)

    ‘The usual birds of winter were out there - chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, doves, starlings, mockingbirds, house sparrows, white-throats, mallards, and black ducks - but nothing remarkable.’
    • ‘The oldest recorded Old World sparrow was a house sparrow that lived to be 13 years and 4 months in the wild.’
    • ‘The house sparrow was introduced to multiple locations in North America from Europe in the 1850s.’
    • ‘That's counting the birds like starlings, rock doves and house sparrows, introduced species most birders don't even count!’
    • ‘At this site, house sparrows often nest close to available food sources.’