Meaning of house style in English:

house style



  • A company's preferred manner of presentation and layout of written material.

    ‘the document will automatically be set out according to the house style’
    • ‘Even such unusual figures as two of his heroes mostly write in the house style of their profession.’
    • ‘Bibliographies ordered according to surname take many forms, according to rules laid down by academic and other institutions, practices favoured in publishers' house styles, or authors' preferences.’
    • ‘Here the author examines the numerous aspects linked to the appearance of a page, collaborative writing, drafting, editing, house styles and language choice.’
    • ‘I then had a computing course, which was not that fun as we were amending things from house styles.’
    • ‘The house style was developed collaboratively with all the BBC Creative Partners, including BBC Broadcast & Presentation.’
    • ‘‘So to say’ isn't in the newspaper's house style is it?’
    • ‘The journal was clearly not, however, in the business of shaping a specific program or, apart from a preference for accessible language, a house style.’
    • ‘How did you balance a sense of wanting to fly freer and that constricted world in which you found yourself, I mean if you like the house style world in which you lived?’
    • ‘I've never wanted to have a house style per se, I've never wanted to do books in a series where everything looks the same and is in a regular format.’
    • ‘I read enough stuff from this publisher to think that this isn't a house style.’
    • ‘Although highly paid, directors were expected to stick strictly to an impersonal house style.’