Meaning of house swap in English:

house swap

(also house-swap)

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  • An instance of temporarily exchanging homes with another person or family, typically for a holiday.

    ‘every other year we spend Christmas on the beach for free by doing a house swap’
    • ‘Taking up a long-term house swap means we can show them their roots and let them get to know their grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.’
    • ‘And as we enjoy exploring Wiltshire and catching up with family and friends, our house swap partners John and Libby are revelling in the sunshine of New South Wales.’
    • ‘Like all good ideas, the plan for the house swap was hatched in a pub.’
    • ‘A house swap is a cost-effective way to holiday.’
    • ‘There are several new agencies that specialize in house swaps for the gay community - though their listings are still relatively limited.’
    • ‘Family living in beautiful beach suburb of Sydney seeks long-term house swap.’
    • ‘Now his parents are appealing for another tenant in Southampton to agree to a house swap to help Chris.’
    • ‘The novel's plot revolves around the story of how the lives of an American woman and an Irishwoman change when they take part in a house swap.’
    • ‘As for insurance, there is no policy specific to house swaps.’
    • ‘When I was 13, my parents arranged a house swap, and we stayed a month at this family's homes in Atlanta and Orlando.’


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  • Temporarily exchange homes with another person or family.

    ‘we have house-swapped 10 times in the UK and abroad and we've had fantastic holidays’
    • ‘Instead of booking a hotel, some folks are house-swapping.’
    • ‘If you don't want to house-swap you can rent a hotel room, and the rates are lower than last year.’
    • ‘David and Anne have house-swapped for their annual holiday for more than 20 years.’
    • ‘You can also house-swap with someone or house-sit for someone while they are on a vacation.’
    • ‘Unlucky-in-love Amanda decides that the best thing for a lonely Christmas is to house-swap with equally forlorn Iris.’