Meaning of house swapping in English:

house swapping


mass noun
  • The practice of temporarily exchanging homes with another person or family, typically for a holiday.

    ‘school holidays tend to be peak times for house swapping’
    • ‘Shelling out for a hotel while on holiday can cost thousands of pounds, but with house swapping there are no accommodation costs.’
    • ‘"Quite simply, house swapping means that we can afford to take more holidays", explains Rod Hirst, a retired teacher who, with his wife Mary, has done 26 swaps in all.’
    • ‘Budget Travel did an article on house swapping and the author specifically addressed theft.’
    • ‘There are plenty of different options - think hostels, university dorms, bed-and-breakfasts, house swapping and apartment rentals - that will allow you to keep more money in your pocket for sightseeing, restaurants and shopping.’
    • ‘House swapping also helps you experience the destination like a local would - the homeowners often leave you a list of their favorite local haunts, and you'll be able to grocery-shop too.’
    • ‘Our Devon exchange also underlines a growth area within house swapping.’
    • ‘It might be the case that they cover house swapping but if not there are contracts on most websites which need to be signed before the swap which outline exactly what's included.’
    • ‘For the past three years, "Trading Christmas" - based on the best-selling Debbie Macomber novel about how house swapping can led to romance - has been the most-watched movie on Hallmark.’
    • ‘House swapping is another free option.’
    • ‘Other problems occur with house swapping because of people's high expectations and differing standards of cleanliness.’