Meaning of house white in English:

house white


mass noun
  • White wine that is bought in bulk and sold at a special price by a restaurant, bar, hotel, etc.

    ‘the waiter gave me a full rundown of the house white by the glass’
    • ‘a very acceptable house white’
    • ‘The waiter gave me a full run down of the house white by the glass.’
    • ‘We shared a half litre of the house white, a Greek wine that was aromatic like a Riesling but more acidic and quite dry.’
    • ‘I ordered a glass of perfectly decent medium house white.’
    • ‘Once seated in the half-full restaurant we ordered a glass of medium dry house white wine.’
    • ‘I settled back with a generous glass of house white wine to study the menu.’
    • ‘We decided to stick with the house white, a pleasant and eminently drinkable chardonnay that evening, and then headed into the food stations.’
    • ‘To wash it all down, we stuck with the house white — an Australian wine.’
    • ‘A bottle of the house-white at the college bar would cost less split two ways than a pint.’
    • ‘Dinner for two included the aperitifs, two appetizers, two glasses of house white, and ice cream with strawberries.’
    • ‘It was probably unwise to treat myself to a plate of calamari and a carafe of house white.’